Below are a few examples of work I've done recently.

CALT needed to upgrade from a disorganized collection of Dreamweaver pages to a system that could be worked on collaboratively and organized. I built out a premium video subscription service using Drupal Commerce.

The Iowa Water Quality Research Map is designed to highlight water quality-related research throughout the state of Iowa. On a team, I developed the mapping system and architecture.

I worked with college administration and communications staff to put together a whole new site and information architecture. Developed the site and trained users.

Easy to use system for finding who to contact about wildlife issues in your area.

On a team that built out a multi-site Drupal 8 platform for push-button websites. Launched at the end of 2018. My role is mostly configuration management, architecture and development processes.

Luggage is a platform for creating academic websites for departments and researchers. The platform is built on Drupal and consists of features that come with configuration. The goal is to quickly leverage common use cases so that web developers can be empowered to get sites up and running quickly but maintain the ability to customize features or add additional features.