Adding a Custom CSS Class to Unpublished Menu Items in Drupal 8

We had a requirement to indicate weather a menu item was unpublished when a user who has access to unpublished content was logged in. Drupal will not display the menu item if the user doesn't have access, but if the user does have access, it will display the menu item like normal. We needed to make it clear to the user that the menu item is representing something unpublished and will not be shown to anonymous visitors. To do this we wanted to put a dashed border around the menu item.

Force IE Compatibility Mode Off

I found some strange rendering issues happening with a site on IE that we couldn't replicate in our test environment. We finally found out those who were experiencing the issue were on the Active Directory for the same domain. Turns out, one of the group policies is to automatically set compatibility mode to on for everything in their domain. Turns out IE will respond to specific headers in order to forcefully define the compatibility mode to a specific version.

robots.txt for Entire Development Server

I have a development server I use to let users play around or load a site up with content before it goes live. On this server I have virtual hosts for each site. None of the information on these development sites are really secret, but I don't want these sites to end up on Google search results. I also don't want to add the extra complexity of having a username and password protecting the sites or restricting anything to a specific IP range.