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Using a Bookmarklet to Load a Webpage from your Computer to your Smartphone

Using the Google Charts API, you can create a JavaScript bookmarklet to give you a QR Code for the page you are currently viewing.  From there you can scan it from with your phone and load it without having to e-mail it or tap in the URL by hand.  Just create a bookmark on your bookmarks bar with the following as the URL:


Using "I'm Feeling Lucky" to Find Drupal Modules Fast

I often can't remember the name of a Drupal module I want to download and use.  For example, I can never remember if I need to go to or google_analytics or ganalytics or whatever.  I am also not satisfied with the search provided on So I figured out a way to put together a Search Engine in Google Chrome to do an "I'm Feeling Lucky" search on  Here is the search string I used:


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