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Running Multiple Versions of Drush at Once

Sometimes it can be useful have more than one version of Drush globally available. In my situation, we have servers with old versions of Drush and a bunch of scripts that expect Drush to behave in a certain way. None of this can be upgraded overnight. We also want to move forward and develop on the latest stuff. So, we need several versions of Drush available to bridge the gap between maintaining what we have and upgrading to the latest and greatest.

Force IE Compatibility Mode Off

I found some strange rendering issues happening with a site on IE that we couldn't replicate in our test environment. We finally found out those who were experiencing the issue were on the Active Directory for the same domain. Turns out, one of the group policies is to automatically set compatibility mode to on for everything in their domain. Turns out IE will respond to specific headers in order to forcefully define the compatibility mode to a specific version.

robots.txt for Entire Development Server

I have a development server I use to let users play around or load a site up with content before it goes live. On this server I have virtual hosts for each site. None of the information on these development sites are really secret, but I don't want these sites to end up on Google search results. I also don't want to add the extra complexity of having a username and password protecting the sites or restricting anything to a specific IP range.

Finding iptables Rule Numbers

A lot of commands for iptables work with targeting a specific rule number. To find the rule we usually run iptables --list. Then I always forget if the rule numbers start at zero or one (it's one) and then have to manually count through the dozen or more rules I have in place. I'm never confident I'm targeting the correct rule, causing me a bunch of headaches. No iptables tutorials I ever encountered or even the iptables man page easily lets you know that you can add the --line-numbers to display the rule number. Hopefully this will help other people out.


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